#VoteYerMusic - Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman

If you have been following my blog, you know I am the guy who asks the Presidential candidates “What are you listening to?”

You also know no one answers. I am generally ignored. These candidates don’t have a problem asking for a donation from me, so I know they got my request, but still, I get no response. I won’t jump to the conclusion that they are too self-important or arrogant to answer me. Maybe they’re just inefficient or lazy.

Of the 25 candidates deemed “Major” by the media, only Admiral Sestak answered me.

Now, I know what you are thinking. That this is because these guys and gals are so busy, but here’s the thing : I asked the same of a dozen Libertarian, Independent and minor Democratic candidates and I got the same thing. Nothing.

You know who didn’t ignore me?

Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman.

I am a big fan of Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman’s campaign, with the only caveat that it causes me to type Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman every time I mention him.

(I have copy and paste, Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman, so I’m not even mad)

The press loves Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman because of his big yellow hat.

The Daily Dot put him on the list of the “kookiest” Presidential candidates. The article features someone who says they have found the fountain of youth; someone who tweets in a language they just made up;  someone who claims to be the Caliph of God, and OG conspiracy theorist Jeff Boss.

Meanwhile, Behrman is listed in this group because he wears a big yellow hat.

I will admit I did approach him with some trepidation. There are people around here who dress up. Des Moines has an “Uncle Sam”, and despite his brightly colored garb, seems utterly joyless.

Behrman shatters all of those stereotypes. He’s energetic, youthful like Mayor Pete and Beto, but also sharp, smart and nuanced. There are at least a dozen “major” candidates on prime time tv who could learn from Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman. There are those great communicators with no message and those who are too intellectual by half but put people to sleep explaining policy.  Dan isn’t either of those types.

(Bonus- that's just not my take, a friend met him at a State Convention and said he's passionate and really smart, working to get the Libertarian message out. )

As if the name and the hat isn’t enough, DTiTB also has a slogan “Legalize Pineapple Pizza”. To me, it represents the freedom to do whatever it is you want to do.

It’s as good as an explanation of a Libertarian stance in 2019 as anything. Whatever you want to put in your body is your choice.

Also in light of Russians and others trying to divide each other into two sides, Behrman’s slogan is downright patriotic. Pineapples on pizza is exactly one of those divisive issues that go viral. Freedom is in peril.

The Libertarian Party has great momentum but they can’t afford to run Gary Johnson a third time or nominate someone like Bob Barr who is going to alienate half of potential voters. Put Behrman on the national stage and he could do great things.

Anyway, Behrman probably thought I was crazy asking him “What are you listening to?” but he gave me a thoughtful answer.

Hey ok - so right now i'm listening to "marc coon @ selected 13.10.2018 (back to old school house)" on sound cloud - i usually have some sort of house, EDM, or beach mix going on. living this close to the beach might influence that. sometimes i'll put on something a little more international like brazilelectro or a samba mix. i like the electronic music because it's great way to keep my brain focused when im coding.

Dang. It’s one thing to get a response from a Presidential candidate. It’s quite another to get a response that sends me to the internet to check out some cool music!

The response is revelatory. Behrman is in tune with Twitter, SoundCloud and modern technology. Something that I don’t see Charles Grassley doing.

It also highlights another aspect of Behrman’s campaign, besides the big yellow hat, besides the Taxation is Theft name, and besides the Legalize Pineapple Pizza slogan. Behrman’s campaign headquarters are on the beach in Cancun.

By doing this, Behrman proves he’s smarter than most politicians. I am honestly supposed to believe that guys with unlimited money like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, guys with unlimited time like Joe Biden and Californians like Eric Swalwell and Kamala Harris would prefer to be in Iowa and New Hampshire in January and February. That’s bad judgement and decision making.

Anyway, Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman is also a fan of classic alt rock like Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Rage Against the Machine, Offspring, and Sublime.

I suspect we would probably get along quite well, which of course is my bigger point.

Thanks Dan for your response to my question and being a good sport.


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