#VoteYerMusic: Robert Ardini

There is (as everyone knows) a Democratic primary.  What gets less attention is that there is also a Republican primary.  While Trump seemingly has large support from his base, there are challengers.

If you look online, there are dozens of Presidential candidates, of course, but by my count, there are really only seven serious candidates who are running credible campaigns to challenge Trump, and today, I am featuring one of them- Robert Ardini.

Ardini is an award-winning Advertising Executive, Business Owner and Publisher who made news when he ran in the New York House district that Donald Trump is from.  Running as a Republican in a very heavily Democratic district, he still garnered 50,000 votes (Interestingly, he did twice as good as Trump did there).  Ardini wrote a book Running for Congress in Trump's Backyard, which looks like an insightful look into what it must be like to run in New York politics.

Ardini is a serious candidate, getting his name on ballots, appearing on NewsMax TV, and is listed on the New Hampshire PBS page where you can get to know him more.  According to the New Hampshire Union-Leader, he will be there this week to attend a Presidential debate at Saint Anslem College.  This debate will feature mostly lesser known candidates (there are 50 name on the New Hampshire ballots after all), but will also have some recognizable names like Robby Wells and Zoltan Istvan.

Ardini campaigned in Iowa, and although it's suggested that Trump will win handily, it should be noted that Trump must be a bit nervous about a challenge.  The Donald will make a campaign stop here, and some prominent Trump names will be in the state- including Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Mick Mulvaney, Ben Carson, Alex Azar and Betty DeVos.  The Iowa Republican Caucus will be, as always, a vote for Presidential preference.

Ardini's #1 issue is the deficit- a topic that hasn't gotten a lot of attention in this cycle, but he is correct in saying that the US does not need to be in a compromising situation to China.  Ardini is also interested in fixing Health Care, rolling out a plan earlier this month.  While Trump claimed he wanted to "Repeal and Replace Obamacare" (ultimately, not doing much towards either), Ardini says he wants to take the existing laws, make some Republican tweaks, and will be ultimately able to sell it to both parties.

The Republican Party, of course with an incumbent, is running a pared down Primary Season (some states choosing not to hold one altogether), but Ardini is on the ballot in New Hampshire, California, Colorado, and Utah.

I asked Ardini to share a couple of paragraphs about his campaign and will share them here:

My campaign slogan says it all: A Moderate Republican Even a Democrat Can Like.™ 

Please think of me as fiscally conservative and socially moderate. 

When I ran for Congress in New York, I developed bipartisan solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems. I’m now running for President because I want to be in the best possible position to implement those solutions. 

The National Debt is my primary campaign issue. It’s the greatest threat to our country because, if we're ever attacked on the homeland, we might not be able to afford to defend ourselves! 

I’m equally passionate about federal term limits. I propose a Constitutional Amendment which would limit every member of Congress, and the President, to one five year term. I’d get it passed by having it take effect 15 or 20 years from now - so no one would be asked to vote themselves out of a job. 

I’m well aware my odds of winning are slim. My response? First, I‘m Roman Catholic - so I believe in miracles. Second, just like the lottery, ‘you have to be in it to win it.’ 

Thanks for your consideration. I ask for your vote!

In our correspondence, Ardini pointed me out to his website RobertArdini.com if I had further questions.  I do admit I find Ardini's talk of bipartisianship a breath of fresh air as the Two Major Parties bend to their extremes, and he does go into detail about his feelings on the deficit problem, breaking gridlock, and term limits among other issues.

Of course, I always ask every candidate about the music they listen to.  It speaks to some of the commonality all Americans share, and here is his response:

In terms of what type of music I like to listen to, my favorite is Baroque, more specifically J.S. Bach; my second favorite is Rachmaninoff from the Romantic Period. Avocationally I'm a Juilliard-educated pianist and am considered a student-descendant of Beethoven; that means if you trace my student-teacher relationships back a few generations, you'll find Beethoven!
What a fun and interesting piece of trivia.  I have learned so much from my project of asking Candidates about music, and appreciate Mr. Ardini's time and effort to respond.


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